About Nuveo

Nuveo uses Artificial Intelligence to solve real business problems.

In fact, we are the people who will develop and train the robots your company will use to overcome its optimization and operational efficiency challenges.

With Artificial Intelligence technologies, Nuveo automates the processes of capturing, interpreting and  managing documents of any sized companies. Our systems significantly reduce the time for analysis of contracts, invoices, payments, certificates, records and a number of other documents.

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Business Process Mapping to Business Process Digitalization

In 100% of our projects, the initial step is to comprehensively map the processes directly linked to the digital solution, as well as analyzing its operational impacts and financial benefits. The process map is the basis for ensuring full alignment between the development and deployment of our artificial intelligence technologies into the real needs of your business.

Because of the low initial investment, the ROI (Return On Investment) and the NPV (Net Present Value) of our projects tend to be very attractive.

Creating a digital culture

Digital transformation or digital initiatives have gained strong momentum since 2014. Regardless of the important theoretical discussion on the subject, it is inevitable that any change in the status quo of a company (processes, activities, wall color, HQ address, etc.) directly or indirectly impacts people in the company. Its degree and intensity will certainly vary. Nuveo understands and contemplates, in the scope of its projects, the engagement of the business teams, through Change Management methodologies – avoiding frustrations, maximizing benefits and accelerating the implementation of a new digital culture.

Small impact in IT

Nuveo’s proprietary technologies, coupled with the expertise of its development team, business consultants and executives (from top IT and business management of multinational companies), have enabled the creation of a flexible methodology that deploys projects with no major impact or need for IT customizations. We develop purely SaaS projects, based on transaction fees model, or even more complex projects – involving the same SaaS model as well as the acquisition of peripheral software, if necessary.

Some of NUVEO’s state-of-the-art technology

Our technologies will help you grow.

Nuveo Core is a highly scalable and elastic parallel cloud (Graphics Processing Unit – GPU – based) processing architecture. Nuveo’s infrastructure adapts to the volume of transactions that must be processed, resizing the number of CPUs according to a certain processing demand. All data processing goes initially thru the Nuveo Core, which is responsible for interpreting customer, transaction type and the Nuveo product that will perform that specific task. The Core then distributes the task automatically. Therefore, we guarantee the absolute efficiency of the process, within previously agreed SLAs.

Ultra OCR™, patented by Nuveo, is a software that recognizes characters, words or terms in images or PDFs. Sophisticated image processing algorithms ensure recognition effectiveness far better than the market average.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates the search and collection of information in websites, databases or internal systems of the business. This same RPA inserts the results of the data analysis in the company’s systems.

Nuveo’s Machine Learning (ML) is automatic learning of data and information, recognizing patterns. The higher the number of documents processed, the greater the accuracy of the system. Together with Natural Language Processing (NLP), Nuveo’s system is able to interpret a wide range of terms, words and numbers in documents.

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