Intelligent solutions.

Through its Artificial Intelligence technologies, Nuveo automates your process, end-to-end. Our customers experience various benefits using our tools, such as reduced operating costs, scale gains, fewer data input errors in legacy systems, and improved customer service.

  • Nuveo’s Machine Learning (ML) is automated learning of data and information, recognizing their pattern. The higher the number of documents processed, the greater the accuracy of the system. In conjunction with Natural Language Processing (NLP), Nuveo’s technology is able to interpret a wide range of terms, words, numbers and data in documents.
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the component responsible for automating searches of information, in websites, databases or internal systems of the business. This same RPA inserts the results of the analysis in the company’s systems.
  • Ultra OCR®, patented by Nuveo, is the system for recognizing characters, words or terms in images or PDFs. Sophisticated image processing algorithms ensure recognition effectiveness, far better than the market average.

Information capture

The use of our software enables various automation and document management services. Nuveo searches information wherever it may be:

  • thru Ultra OCR®,  we capture document texts (in jpeg or PDF files);
  • thru RPA, we extract information from websites, public databases or legacy/ERP systems.

Information management

Nuveo’s RPA, ML and NLP systems organize, interpret, and analyze all data and information captured. Required time for analyzing invoice information, contracts, payments, receipts, personal and business documents is significantly reduced.


Storing data in legacy systems

Once information is properly analyzed and structured, the RPA or the developed interfaces populate the information in your legacy systems. Every aspect of document handling and management – from capture to entry into a system – is fully automated.